3 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Audience

Grow Your Instagram Audience

It can be hard to grow your Instagram audience from scratch. Your Instagram page is an important part to getting your content in front of more faces. Growing your Instagram page can give you a platform to effectively promote your content and connect with your audience.

Cross Promote

Do you already have a following on another platform? Leverage that audience to grow your Instagram audience. This will work better if there is some incentive to visit your profile like exclusive content. People are much more likely to visit your page if they know you’ve posted something valuable to them exclusively on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

When you post something without hashtags, the only people who see it are your followers. Hashtags are the way for you to extend your reach past your followers and get your content in front of new faces! This applies to both posts and stories, each allow you to use hashtags to extend your reach. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in both the caption and a comment. Too many hashtags can get messy, I personally stick to 20 or less. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to you or the content you’re posting, otherwise they’ll have no effect!

Be Social

This is probably the most important part of building your Instagram audience. Remember, it’s called social media, so get out there and connect with people! You can search Instagram by a hashtag relating to the kind of people you want to connect with. Like other people’s pictures and comment your opinion of their content. Most people will come to your profile once you’ve interacted with them.


Find other users who have an audience that match the demographic you’re targeting. You could ask them to shout you out, repost some of your content, or even shout each other out. This way, you both get in front of each other’s audiences which is mutually beneficial. This method is only effective if their audience consists of people that would take interest in you or your content. For example: a music producer wouldn’t get many followers from a page based on cooking

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